2014 Reflection and 2015 Goals

2014 was an excellent year for the channel, and it still surprises and overwhelms me that you people watch and enjoy my content.

In January 2014 I posted a video celebrating 100 subscribers. By August 2014, the channel hit 1000 subscribers, a goal I never thought I could achieve that year when it first started out.

I’ve often said that I started my channel as a way to build my confidence and never expected much or anything to come out of it, so the fact people go out of their way to subscribe to my channel, to my view my content, to come to my livestreams and support me on Patreon amazes me, and I can never thank you guys enough for the levels of support you all have offered me throughout 2014.

This brings me to 2015, and what my hopes are for my channel along with finding out what you guys want to see. My goals aren’t set in stone, and if I don’t reach all or even any of them I wouldn’t be disappointed, but as someone who enjoys working towards targets and setting myself things to work for, I thought it might interest you guys to see what I’m hoping to work towards in 2015.

  • Back into a regular, daily schedule. A minimum of one video a day, with aims to increasing back to around three videos a day. 

The end of 2014 was tricky to say the least, as a family emergency had cropped up that demanded most of my time along with the holidays and generally feeling unwell that meant my channel was placed a bit on the backburner – and I hated it. I felt terribly guilty not getting content up, and I missed the routine of just getting things done. I’m a person who has an obsessive personality, and if I enjoy something I devote a lot of my time to it. One thing I’m hoping this year is to find a good YouTube/life balance. There were times throughout 2014 where I was so focused on YouTube and creating content that it would result in burning myself out, along with never having the time to talk to friends or family. Similarly, as with the end of the year – when family stuff does crop up, I’ve never had a decent backlog of content so that the channel can remain somewhat regular for those who enjoy the stuff I’m putting up along with the fact I simply miss doing it. YouTube is first and foremost a hobby for me and so long as people keep watching, I’ll keep doing.

  • More regular livestreams.

This one is potentially trickier although something I would like to do. Some of the things that makes this potentially problematic is primarily I still live at home and already have to fit recording around my families schedules (our home is very small, and my microphone picks up noise quite easily). Livestreaming is also something that’s very new to me and I get terribly anxious before I go live. It’s something that I hope to get better at – particularly as that anxious feeling used to be with me every time I uploaded a video to YouTube. How did I get over that feeling? Keep doing it. And hopefully in time I can do that for livestreaming also.

  • Find games that both viewers and I enjoy.

While I would like to cover some of the more recent, ‘graphically intensive’ (i.e AAA) games, my PC simply can’t handle it, nor can I afford the upgrades to both play AND record at the same time. Which is one of the many reasons I enjoy Indie games in particular. I also enjoy playing some older games that I never had the chance to play upon release (BioShock series, for instance) which can be a problem with regards to drawing people in who want to see the newest and latest stuff. I want to find a balance of getting varied content up on my channel and so far I think I can do this if I stick to creating Let’s Try’s along with regular serialized content. However, I am always open to suggestions as to what people would like to see (bearing in mind my PC specifications, which are linked above.) One thing I need to keep in mind this year is to not get frustrated at the fact I can’t do what others might be doing. I should focus on what I enjoy, which is simply playing games. No matter how old, no matter how big or small. And if people happen to find me through it? That’s awesome.

  • 2000 subscribers by the end of the year.

I feel slightly apprehensive about having a public numerical goal I’m reaching too, but I hope by having it here it’ll spur me to keep creating as much content as possible and getting my channel ‘out there’. YouTube is saturated with Let’s Players, and truthfully I don’t know if I bring anything original to the table. And, honestly? I’m awful at the SEO kind of things. And promoting myself. And generally putting myself out there. Which is why it astounds me people have even managed to find me at all. Hopefully by the end of this year I can reach this goal, if only to get me to actively start promoting myself a little better.

Again, I just want to thank you guys who are making this possible. What started as a way to build my confidence has turned into me simply wanting to do one thing: make someone smile. If I can make at least one person smile with my videos, I’ll consider what I’m doing a success.

Truly, thank you! Here’s to 2015. May it not suck.

Updates & A Personal Request

Hi guys!

So, before I get to the real reason I’m actually writing this blog post I figured I’d give you a quick update on what’s currently happening on the channel. Firstly, I’ve now completed BioShock! I’ve had a ridiculous amount of fun with that game and while I sort of vaguely had an idea of some of the story from bits and pieces I’ve read before I actually started to play it I really did enjoy seeing where the story would go, particularly towards the end of the game as I didn’t know about the majority of that. Starting tomorrow I’ll be moving on to playing BioShock 2. Dragon Age 2 will be continuing as usual and though I know not many people watch that series I’m pretty much determined that I’ll complete that on the channel. I’ve also started to do Always Sometimes Monsters on the channel as that was a game requested a few times after I done my previous Let’s Try on it. Hopefully with 3 different series going on a day on my channel there will be something you guys are interested in! Of course, Thursday’s will also almost always have a ‘Let’s Try’ video too, meaning that day will have 4 videos.

Now to the real reason I’m writing this post. Guys, we need to talk. I’ve been letting this issue slack for a while and feel I have to address it before it gets worse. I’d like to consider myself as someone who’s easily reachable, I have many different ways people can get into contact or find out more about me, such as:

  • Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/mscarsonelle
  • Ask.fm – http://ask.fm/mscarsonelle
  • YouTube – http://youtube.com/mscarsonelle
  • Tumblr – http://mscarsonelle.tumblr.com
  • Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/mscarsonelle
  • Instagram – http://instagram.com/mscarsonelle
  • Twitch – http://twitch.tv/mscarsonelle
  • This website!

Any of which that if you were to message me on you are HIGHLY likely to get a response. However, despite this, for the past month or so I’ve increasingly had people hunting down/finding my own personal spaces – that is, the websites I use outside of being ‘mscarsonelle’. Not only are people finding them, they’re adding me and/or my friends. This is where I find it completely unacceptable. Again, I consider myself a fairly open person, I would definitely say I’m an approachable and friendly person and a lot of the time I’ve let this issue slide without calling attention to it but I feel I really have to draw a line now.

If you want to find out more about me? Ask. You want to see pictures of me? There’s my Instagram and I’ve done vlogs. You want to have a conversation with me? Email me or message me on my pages Facebook, but my own personal Facebook is for close friends and immediate family only and I would ask that you respect not only my privacy but theirs too.

Thanks guys! I do want to say that I really am grateful for every single one of you and the support you give me and my channel. If I’m making at least one person smile a day with my videos then I consider that pretty damn successful, so please don’t think me rude for having to say this stuff in the first place.

Thank you for reading & know that I <3 you all.

New Website

Hi guys!

I finally decided to set up a proper website since I have this domain. Hopefully I’ll remember to use it from now on. I intend to keep the blog updated, but to be honest I’m not very interesting nor am I a good writer so expect very irregular posts.

So, while I’m at it, I want to thank you lovely people who are subscribed to my channel. I’m currently on 721 subscribers at the moment, which is baffling and flattering. My goal for this year is to hit 1000 subscribers and I would be super happy if I could accomplish that by the time my birthday comes round in August. However, if I don’t reach it until the end of the year I’d still be happy.

So, I guess that’s it for the whole updates portion of the blog.

Hope you’re all having an amazing day & I love you all.